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Neurosoft, with its highly skilled and qualified employees continuously develops and adapts a wide range of novelty products and services, all the while being committed to client impact, investment in R&D and the adoption of advanced methodologies.


Invoice Reconciliation on Blockchain

ConFIRM (Consensus For Invoice Reconciliation Management) is a platform that targets to alleviate all issues that accounting offices face in the process of invoice reconciliation. The platform uses blockchain to enhance the traceability, immutability and consensus that the technology offers, to allow suppliers and buyers to agree and confirm their invoices whilst automating processes like payments through integration with their ERPs and the use of smart contracts.

The Intelligent Factoring and Supply Chain Finance platform

Proxima+ is an E2E Factoring and Supply Chain Finance platform created to manage a firms’ Receivables Finance business that leverages predictive analytics, embedded workflow engine and blockchain technology delivered through an omnichannel UX. Proxima+ provides user stories that span the full complexity of implementations as micro-services and UI components.


Connectivity Without Compromise

As the maritime sector continues its path to digitisation, the need to secure ship networks, both for business and crew use has become critical. As in all walks of life, cybersecurity threats have grown in reach and complexity and now should be considered as a vital part of the overall safety management in shipping. Angel is the leading cyber security solution for maritime that addresses the evolving cyber threat. In proud partnership with Navarino.

Cyber Deception Platform

Today’s information technology landscape is threatened by modern advanced security attacks, including 0-day exploits, polymorphic malware, APTs and targeted attacks. These threats cannot be identified and mitigated using classic detection and prevention technologies; they can mimic valid user activity, do not have a signature, and do not occur in patterns. In response to attackers’ evolution, defenders now have a new kind of weapon in their arsenal: Deception.

Defense Beyond Monitoring

Neutrify is Neurosoft’s 24×7 Security Operations Center, completely dedicated to traffic flow and monitoring for threats and attacks. It monitors and analyze activity on networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems, looking for anomalous activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise. Beyond just monitoring, Neutrify offers additional capabilities including advanced forensic analysis, and malware reverse engineering to analyze incidents.

Beyond Cyber Security. Beyond Pentests.

Red teaming is the next step in security. Neurosoft’s RedyOps team will assist you in evaluating the overall security of your organization and help you to discover how well you can defend from sophisticated attacks combining targets such as People, Technology, and Physical Security.



Enterprise Link is a Business Connectivity Service based on the SD-WAN paradigm and assisting enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey. Specifically designed for multi-site enterprises to help them Simplify their network Architecture, Secure and Segment communication between branches, head offices and Data Centers and bring connected users closer to desired applications using application prioritization, traffic break-outs and real-time link measurement and load-balancing. All of the above in an agile and easily configurable manner with breathtaking SLAs and unparalleled reporting capabilities. In proud partnership with TI Sparkle.

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