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Neurosoft is a fully integrated ICT company, headquartered in Athens, Greece with presence in SEE and MENA. It combines System Integration and Information Security capabilities whilst offering novelty products and services in 2 business areas.


Design and development of a unique ecosystem for Intelligent Factoring and Supply Operators with fully customized Business Intelligence & Risk Management modules using top-notch technologies such as Blockchain and IoT. In an ever-changing financial landscape where the need for liquidity is overwhelming, our almost 20-year experience in the field is transformed into valuable solutions that meet your day-to-day financing demands.


Neurosoft has put up an excellent team with a mix of business experts, project managers, senior software engineers and technical writers, with extensive experience in international market, to serve our objective which is to offer the best of breed RF & SCF solution for our customers. Our business experts, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, can provide the client with consultancy and advisory services and assist in various tasks including accounting scheme, products design, business workflows, policies & procedures etc.


Neurosoft has teamed up globally with Oracle, in order to offer seamless Blockchain integration to its Proxima+ Platform over the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service. Having harvested the Hyperledger Fabric technology and combined it with 20+ years in Core Factoring and SCF platforms, we are able to deliver technologically supreme and business driven solutions to our clients that wish to be part of this unique technology that changes the core of how SCF and Factoring business is done.

Machine Learning Modelling.

Proxima+ offers comprehensive analytics and Machine Learning driven algorithms for analyzing your portfolio, through its Ergodicity module. More and more Financing institutions are looking to deep dive into their data and make customized models that suits their particular portfolios or particularities of their jurisdictions. We offer customized services, with specialized data scientists that understand  the business who are fluent in ML modelling to assist you and make the most of your data.


In a cyber world full of viruses, malware, hacktivists and cyber criminals Neurosoft has a mission to efficiently protect companies and organisations from the impact of cyber attacks while offering an extensive suite of security services and solutions. With Neurosoft’s guidance and expertise, clients can significantly enhance the protection of mission-critical data from evolving threats.

Offensive Security.

Neurosoft’s Security Assessments services are designed in such a way to assist our clients in facing all the challenges of the new Cyber Security era. Fast evolving malicious actors along with any specific clients requirements have driven Neurosoft to investing in Cyber Security Assessments by expanding its Service Catalogue to address the needs of every organisation, and fostering research and continuous skills developed for the SAS Team through specialized trainings.

Digital Forensics Analysis.

Neurosoft’s digital forensics service aims to investigate a possible information security incident. It assists an Organization in addressing the incident in its’ entirety by performing a thorough analysis of the incident, which results in the production of a detailed digital forensics analysis report. This report proves invaluable as the Organization is able to realize the extent of the incident and the possible associated data breach, mitigate the incident, follow enclosed recommendations in order to improve its’ security posture, notify relevant authorities when needed (ex. when GDPR issues arise), file insurance claims or even invoke legal procedures either to defend itself or to chase the actors responsible for the incident.

Compliance and Risk.

Neurosoft’s Compliance and Risk Services are designed to assist organisations to improve their security posture by establishing an effective security governance system, identifying and successfully managing information security risks based on standard risk assessment methodologies, ensuring compliance with international security standards (e.g. ISO 27001, etc.) and/or regulatory requirements and raising employee awareness.


Neurosoft’s Systems Engineering department continuously explores and assesses new technologies so our customers can enjoy high-quality solutions and services.  With the ever-changing  dynamics of the new market place and the different vendor’s technology strategy and objectives, we opt to providing state of the art design and implementation services based on our Customers’ needs, by always finding the best fit for every case.

Infrastructure Projects.

Neurosoft is an ICT Service Provider offering a broad range of Design, Implementation, Support and Operations services aligned to its customers’ business requirements. The company’s expertise lies in deploying and optimizing an underlay network infrastructure, thus providing customers with an agile and secure next-generation network architecture, for numerous overlay IT applications and services at any location, following worldwide standards and concepts, stemming from our partners vision and personnel experience.


Following numerous successes on large-scale networks design, implementation, support and operations, our experienced and dedicated team has set sail to providing a next generation IaaS offering aiding multi-branch, multi-Data Center, Cloud-oriented enterprises in their digital transformation journey. Our IaaS portfolio extends a vast range of solutions for the Secure Branch concept with a Centrally Operated Network involving Firewalls to Switching elements even Access Points, all orchestrated by Network Access Control and complemented by Neutrify, our Cyber Security Defense offering. Our IaaS also addresses secure access of remote workers to the corporate infrastructure, with a Pay-as-you-Go Secure VPN proposition.

Cloud Managed Services.

Cloud is disrupting traditional IT faster than we think as it requires a new method of management due its focus on scale, elasticity, and automation. Neurosoft through Cloud Managed Services provides a holistic approach to this Cloud journey and  helps customers transition, while embracing this shift to technology by assisting them in all aspects of their cloud journey, from consulting to migrations, to operations management, all the while showing them all the benefits that come with the cloud adoption.

Neurosoft, as a Gold Partner of Microsoft, offers Cloud Managed Services primarily through Microsoft Cloud (M365 & AZURE) and extends the portfolio with Solutions which  are referred on Private & Hybrid Cloud offerings through cooperation with other Cloud Providers from the national and international market. Along with one Microsoft MVP individual working at Neurosoft who is chosen through for their expertise and knowledge in Microsoft technologies, the company holds Gold Microsoft certification indicating its knowhow in utilizing cutting edge technologies that focus on business value. Neurosoft also holds significant certifications from other major ICT organizations; HPE, Veeam, VMware, IBM, Oracle, TI Sparkle focusing on technical expertise and high-quality services that lead the Organizations to Digital Transformation.

Field Services.

Neurosoft offers high-quality on-site services in an unparalleled geographical footprint with 40+ service points across Greece and Cyprus. Neurosoft’s highly skilled engineers and support specialists, are dedicated to assisting our customers with a variety of activities enabling them to increase efficiency and reduce service and repairs. Neurosoft’s expertise includes, but is not limited to Service Providers Networks and Enterprise Network and IT, including Preventive and Corrective maintenance activities.

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