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March 08, 2024

Neurosoft Cybersecurity Day #2: The imperative implementation of NIS 2 as a cooperation lever between the Private and Public sectors

Neurosoft successfully organized the “Neurosoft Cybersecurity Day” event for the second year in a row. This year’s event, “Neurosoft Cybersecurity Day #2: Emerging Risks. Next-Gen Defenses,” took place on March 7 at Plexi Space. Representatives of the Ministry of Digital Governance and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) attended the event, as did important executives in the field. The aim of the event was to point out current developments and challenges that will shape the Cybersecurity field in 2024.

As the holiday season approaches, you may be looking forward to some well-deserved time off. However, you don’t want to miss any important upshots in your business. Have you considered migrating your business systems to the Cloud? Doing so could enable you to easily oversee your business from anywhere, including during the holiday season. Did […]

The main objective of the Cyber Security Operations (CSO) department is to provide comprehensive, tailored, high-end services in the field of cybersecurity, in order to address and reduce potential risks for Neurosoft’s customers. The CSO department has adopted a holistic approach to cybersecurity, which is implemented through continuous risk assessment processes, effective implementation of required […]

Which is the most critical asset a company has? Of course, our people! Employees define the company’s values, culture and success. However, the “great resignation” seems to be a fact. Reports (McKinsey: 2022 Report, State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report) show that there are 4M resignations per month in the US, with 40% considering […]

On November 10, World Science Day for Peace and Development is observed globally. On the occasion of this special day, let’s shed some light on a controversial issue. Is Cybersecurity a science? Generally speaking, cybersecurity is considered to be a sub-discipline of computer science, leaning heavily on the areas of mathematical, physical and social science. […]

Neurosoft has undertaken two pivotal projects in Thessaloniki, significantly increasing our involvement in the Telecom Infrastructure sector. First and foremost, in collaboration with major partners (TERNA Energy, Nova, Huawei, Nokia, Circet), Neurosoft’s experts provide infrastructure implementation and technical support to the FTTH project (Fiber to the Home), which is rapidly expanding in the city of […]

Neurosoft, Nokia and Cablenet have formed a significant partnership in the field of Telecom Infrastructure. They have participated in the Cablenet project: a new DWDM ring creation, which aims to expand Cablenet’s fiber broadband networks in Cyprus. The initial phase of the project was successfully accomplished last year. Nokia supplied all the required equipment, while […]