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Neurosoft: Huawei Valuable Contribution Partner for 2023!

We are incredibly honored to have been recognized by Huawei as a Valuable Contribution Partner for 2023 at the Huawei Southeast Europe Partner Summit 2024! Our very own Vasilis Ioannidis, Infrastructure and Cloud Operations Senior Director,…

FortiSASE and Enterprise Link 2.0: A powerful alliance

Let’s discuss some of the latest market trends: Hybrid workforce is considered to be the new normal. “The 2022 Gartner Digital Worker Survey found that 77% of digital workers want to be a part of planning their hybrid work schedule”. …
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Neurosoft OT Security Service: Are You Ready for the Future of OT Security?

Imagine a world where Operational Technology Security is proactive, providing enhanced visibility in the organization’s Industrial Networks and advanced detection and response capabilities against Advanced Threats targeting OT environments.…